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Be one of Steve Lions Girlfriends

Steve Lion, the budding entrepreneur behind Steve Lion Escorts & The Stovin Gardening Movement is opening his heart to many women in York who share the same values and principles as himself. Steve’s girlfriends will embark on a life of polygamy with the intention of forming a partnership before god and bearing children. Steve has a particular preference of women that you can read about here.

Steve Lions Escorts is always looking for escorts to work throughout the walled city of York. This historic city has a plethora of clientele looking for the comfort of Steve Lions girls. We can set up girls on some great dates at fantastic rates of pay.

York Escorts

The vibrant city of York is embedded with Roman roots and a Viking past and surrounded by ancient walls. Steve Lions Escorts have a great selection of escorts available in York, no matter what your preference is we’ll have the woman for you. Whether you’re a local resident, a visitor or on a business trip we will find the perfect companion to share your time with whilst in the busy town of York.

There’s so much our escorts enjoy doing in York:

  • York Minster – one of the world’s most magnificent cathedrals, a vision of heaven on earth crafted in stained glass and stone. This is a must-see attraction in York.
  • River Boat Cruises – enjoy daytime sightseeing through the city centre with live commentary delivered by the Captain.
  • The York Dungeon – A fun filled attraction where you can meet famous characters from York’s dark past including Vikings, Dick Turpin and Guy Fawkes!
  • Dean’s Park – one of York’s best loved parks offering magnificent views of the Minster
  • Food and drink – York is the ultimate destination for foodies and drinkers with a plethora of café’s, restaurants, bars and nightclubs to choose from. In the daytime there’s a sense of quaintness and tradition but come the evening you can let loose in what it can only be described as a true party capital.

Flaming sword – Seeking girlfriends

Steve Lion hopes to entwine with many spiritual girlfriends, forming a partnership before god and bearing children. After a deep religious experience, Steve is passionate about extending one’s family by means of polygamy, a revelation and pursuit revealed to him by God. As Steve is a protector, he offers the opportunity of income through working at his marketing agency specialising in SEO, PPC & Web Design. As an agency that values its girlfriends, Steve places a great focus of staff welfare doing his upmost to provide a great level of training and ensure safety is a priority at all times.